How To Make A Face Mask In 1 Minute – No Sewing!

As an experienced carer for MND, Heart, and Parkinson’s Disease patients, I understand the need to wear a mask around the vulnerable for their protection.

During this global Covid-19 pandemic I am currently a volunteer helping the elderly in my community who are self isolating and due to the shortage of masks I made some washable and reusable face masks. I was inspired by a study carried out by Cambridge University in 2013 (Cambridge Study) which examined homemade masks as an alternative to commercial face masks.

Please share this video as an article in the NY Times reports ” poorer countries losing out to wealthier ones in the global scrum for masks”. The shortage of face masks is worldwide and the developing countries are struggling, so we can all help by sharing our techniques.

This method shows a quick and simple way to make a face mask and most of all helps reduce the spread of this ugly virus. Stay Safe.