During my journey developing  MediVoice app I struggled to find women who were skilled at technology. After some research I discovered that in the UK the number of women in technology is lower than most other work sectors.

This inspired me to encourage the younger generation to learn how to solve a problem in the community by learning how to code and create an app.

Only 7% of the students that take computer science A-level are female and only half of those girls go into a technology role.

Even though women make up 50% of the workforce in UK, but only about 17% of them are working in technology.

Being an advocate of women in technology I knew I had to do something to get more girls interested in tech and decided to create a program to introduce young girls to technology and formed Ada2.0 named after Ada Lovelace, the first English female computer programmer.

Ada2.0  is a social enterprise dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology by providing computer science education to girls and other underrepresented minorities. We are passionate about teaching and inspiring young girls to explore the world of technology.

Our aim is to eliminate the myth that coding is only for boys by rebranding what it means to be a female in technology. Our mission is accomplished through hands-on workshops, courses and events that empower girls to pursue computer science and artificial intelligence.

We will be holding workshops where young school girls will identify a problem in their community and address it by creating a mobile app which will be presented to a panel of judges.

We hope to fill the gender gap by providing a supportive environment where girls can explore their ideas and come up with amazing solutions.

By teaching computer science, teamwork, and presentation skills, the goal of the workshop is to inspire girls to pursue technology and build something that can have an impact.