Tech Team

Team JV

The girls from 'Women Who Hack For Non Profit' donated their spare time in creating the original Jaspal's Voice website and MediVoice App.

I am truly grateful for all their help in the beginning of my journey of Jaspal's Voice. 

(From Left to Right)

Rayelle Pickergill - Senior UX Designer

Anna Leach - Java Developer

Claudia Hosu - Java Developer

Ana Capatina -  Android Developer


Ana is an Software Engineer at Deliveroo. She started to learn Android in her spare time and after 9 years of developing projects in Java, she became so attached to it that she decided this is what she wanted to do full time. Her plan was to quit her job, design and build an app, improve her technical knowledge and then start looking for a job. She knew from the beginning it wouldn't be easy, but she was never afraid of challenging herself. As expected it was hard work plus a little luck, making all the extra effort and hours worthwhile. She now involves herself in contributing to open source projects and creating apps that improve lives - hence the creation of MediVoice app.


Claudia has a vast experience in software development team and leadership in the software engineering field. She has been responsible for the delivery of mobile apps (Gumtree Android app), desktop products (911 software for USA) and other more complex web apps. As a keen learner in interesting projects, she gravitated towards Jaspal's Voice to help develop the website and 'MediVoice' app. 


Sean holds a BA (Hons) in International Business and acts as a liaison between business partners, accounts and other IT team members to ensure applications deliver mission value to the organisation.