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    How To Make A Face Mask In 1 Minute – No Sewing!

    As an experienced carer for MND, Heart, and Parkinson’s Disease patients, I understand the need to wear a mask around the vulnerable for their protection. During this global Covid-19 pandemic I am currently a volunteer helping the elderly in my community who are self isolating and due to the shortage of masks I made some washable and reusable face masks. I was inspired by a study carried out by Cambridge University in 2013 (Cambridge Study) which examined homemade masks as an alternative to commercial face masks. Please share this video as an article in the NY Times reports ” poorer countries losing out to wealthier ones in the global scrum…

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    Raising Awareness at Sikh Temple

    I was honoured to be invited by Brent Sikh Centre Gurdwara (Temple) to address the congregation and raise awareness about Motor Neurone Disease within the Asian community. I felt this was a great opportunity to make a real difference for those people living with and affected by MND. I had discovered through my research that very few Asian people used the services provided by the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Through further discussions my belief was validated that there is a very real stigma attached to those from the community who have been diagnosed with any neurological disorder. They talked about how they hide their loved ones from the world as…

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    Living With Motor Neurone Disease

      I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Hemangi Sane and her mother at the MND conference in Dublin. She was diagnosed with MND in 2004 during her medical practice in New York and then went on to start a non-profit organisation called ‘Asha Ek Hope‘ foundation for MND/ALS in Mumbai. She was honoured with International Women’s Day Award in the year 2013 by the Mayor of Mumbai city for treating and empowering patients with ALS/MND and research for a cure. She has spoken of what it is like living with MND : “MND is a physical condition which psychologically breakdowns the affected person and the family members. But we have to…

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    Motor Neurone Disease VS Parkinson’s Disease

    In its early stage MND (also known as ALS and Lou Gerigh’s disease) can show similar symptoms as Parkinson’s disease, which is also a neurological disease. Commonalities between MND and Parkinson’s disease allow researchers to develop more effective treatments for both diseases. Difference between Parkinson’s and MND Parkinson’s disease typically begins with problem writing followed by tremors, muscle stiffness, difficulty standing or walking, changes in speech, slow movements, impaired posture and balance, and loss of automatic movements. Signs and symptoms of MND include slurred speech, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, emotional liability (involuntary laughing or crying), loss of tongue muscle contour, excess saliva, difficulty breathing, limp muscles or flaccid weakness, muscle wasting,…

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    What Is MND

    MND is the abbreviation for Motor Neurone Disease, also known as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Motor Neurone Disease Association have produced a short animated video to help explain what MND is…. Please click here.

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    Short Story Competition

    Claret Press announces the first MNDA short story competition! Net proceeds will go to support the Motor Neurone Disease Association. The competition is inspired by the work of Claret Press author Sarah Gray, who has Motor Neurone disease. Her short story collection Half Life deals with aspects of physical and mental illness in innovative and original ways. The Judges will be looking for similarly engaging and novel stories of no more than 5,000 words inspired by these issues. Stories can be written from any perspective and in any format. This can include murder mystery, thriller, romance, post-modern, horror, etc. Entry forms can be submitted by clicking on the button below. On the subject line state: 2018 MNDA…