Memrica Prompt

As the MediVoice application evolves and matures I have been fortunate enough to come into contact with many remarkable people passionate about helping those with neurological conditions. One such person I met recently was Mary Matthews who like me formed her company, Memrica, after her sister passed away suffering from motor neurone disease. Mary wanted to build something that would spark memories of her and to help others with neurological diseases. She developed Prompt, a mobile application that solves memory problems of users facing with dementia and other neurological conditions. It helps users to create notes about things they want to remember. The company also creates links between stored content and shows personal context about people, places, and events. In addition, it provides a Web dashboard for family and friends to add photos and information, send messages and reminders, and see when they’ve been accessed.

Prompt by Memrica is currently available on the App Store.


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